David Hartman Fine Art
Colorado Artist, Paintings in Oils

Purchasing Options

If you see a painting that you would like to purchase please contact the artist (see contact info).  Payment by check or cash is acceptable.

If you wish to try out a painting for a two week trial period, I would need a check made out in the amount of the painting before you pick it up, have me deliver it, or have it mailed to you ( If you select to have it mailed to you, you would need to pay for mailing expenses).  If you decide to buy the painting at the end of the two week trial period, I would go ahead and cash the check. On the other hand, if you decide not to purchase the painting, I would  mail or give the check back to you upon receiving the painting.


Extended Payments:  If you live within the local area, you may decide to break your payments into portions.  We can arrange to break payments into monthly payments if you wish.